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Corporate Training:
Training programs of Vision Unlimited meant for Corporate facilitate understanding and learning to evolve, involve and developing solutions, these intricacies can range from ordinary/low performance to complex groups, from poor show to new skills. It is not wise to do today's business with outdated approach and continue to be in business tomorrow and hence need updated approach which is being focused in all training programs conducted by Vision Unlimited.
Training programs of Vision Unlimited are aimed at capacity building, performance enhancement, empowering people with change of attitude, transformation and workplace dynamics. The expert team takes the extra effort to understand the marked and distinct participants. Unique personalized approach as USP is adopted to fetch the desired results at the end of the training program. Thus the tagline suggests as "Touching minds. Spreading Success."
All Training modules are highly customer-centricand tailor-made to cater to the organization's expectations and training needs.
Our Modules:
Induction training for new employees
Presentation Skills - using 360 degree appraisal method
Business Enhancement Training
Customer Service Excellence
Attitude & Perspective alignment
Leadership Training
Sales Excellence Training
High Performance – Team building Training
Stress and Anger Management Training
Interpersonal skills training
Communication effectiveness
Personality development
Enhancement for organizational excellence
Work life Balance
Effective time management
Relationship management
Dealing with difficult people
Other tailor made training programs on soft skills
Vision Unlimited can do training in the following topics
Improving workplace effectiveness through Creativity and innovation -For staff members
2. Conflict management - For staff members and Managers
3. How do effective managers organize themselves - For Managers
4. The Power of Positive and possibility thinking - for Workmen
5. How to improve morale, motivation, commitment - For Staff and supervisors
6. Getting people to work together - for supervisors
7. Problem solving and Decision making skills
8. Stop stressing and start living - For supervisors and Managers
9. Creating organizational excellence - for Managers
10. Customer Relations management - for the Marketing team
11. Selling competencies (Stop selling and start living)
12. Critical customer and competitor analysis for winning market - for the marketing team
13. 5s, housekeeping/Kaizen - international standards - for the workmen
14. Lean Management - competing through eliminating waste and maximizing processes' speed - for the supervisors
15. Happiness the way of life
16. Moving beyond quality concepts for the supervisors
17. Dealing with difficult people - for the supervisors
18. Effective employee orientation and retaining techniques - for the HR team
19. Interpersonal skills -people skills - human relations - For supervisors
20. Improving personal effectiveness - for the staff members
21. Skills in supervision - for the supervisors
22. Go the Extra mile - productivity towards profit - For supervisors
23. Work life Balance - for the staff members
24. Effective relationship management - workmen
25. How to overcome bad habits and work with ethics - workmen
26. Managing Time effectively - for supervisors.
27. Problem solving techniques - for supervisors
28. How to remain as an Ideal Leader - for managers
29. Waste control and prevention of losses for higher profitability - workmen
30. Non monetary benefits as retaining technique - for HR team
31. Performance appraisal management system for Managers
32. Train the trainers with NLP, Games, smart stories and Magic
33. Personality development training for staff members
34. Positive and Creative communication that can bring miracles.
35. Change the way you think and change the way you communicate
36. Overcoming Middlesscence (middle age problems)
37. Entrepreneurship prog for spouse of employees
38. How to plan for retirement (for young managers in the age group of 30 -35)
39. How to overcome working-mom guilt (anxiety among working women)
40. Healthy ways to life (Vedic Philosophy)
41. Perform to Potential (Excellence the key for success)
42. Performance appraisal systems for HR personnel
43. Insurance selling techniques
44. How to overcome insecurity in life?
45. Law of Attraction (Success Sutras)
46. Creative, Innovative and Lateral Thinking